26 May 2017

Barbara and Sabrina

We are Barbara and Sabrina, two sisters who, after studying and travelling in Italy and abroad, decided to return to the Val d’Orcia to work in tourism. We restored a building dating from 1400, took it back to its origins and transformed it into a Locanda for travellers, pilgrims and free spirits. We wanted to create a real sanctuary with a tranquil atmosphere where relations, friends , friends of friends and all those who wish to share with us a piece of their life, can experience life the Tuscan way.
We have created a retreat where the refreshing simplicity and spontaneity will allow you to forget your frenetic daily life. Outside the box, without a TV, with just a single fridge in the lounge, the Locanda del Loggiato is a place for talking, reading, loving, painting, being surrounded by nature and finding time for yourself once more.
We wish to offer you a holiday where you will have time to listen to your emotions, where our smiling faces will welcome you on your arrival and each morning at breakfast.
We are pleased to share our passions, experiences and especially our emotions with you. That is why we have shared our thoughts here with those of you who wish to get to know us better.
Barbara and Sabrina