Casetta Amore

Casetta Amore is a small independent house right in front of the water square of Bagno Vignoni and two windows of the living room overlook the square, from which the thermal water gushes out and in winter it exhales its vapours. The little house has a double bedroom with bathroom, a living room with kitchen area and a cozy mezzanin. Everywhere there are exposed beams. Ideal for those who want to stay more days.


The walls in this room are damask pink, there is a bright window and an antique chaise longue. This room also has a four-poster bed and many fine details which make it tastefully romantic.


This room takes its name from its colour – sky blue. It looks out onto the square with a well and it gets the sun in the afternoon, right through until sunset. It still has some particular and antique terracotta floor tiles.


This room once had an old fireplace which is now used as seating and a bookshelf. The walls are pale lilac and if you are alone in the Locanda then you can leave the bedroom door open and fall asleep watching the log fire in the lounge.


This room gets its name from the view out of the two windows which look out over part of the square with its ancient thermal pool. The walls are light blue and the bedroom has two windows and there is a window in the bathroom too. There is a chaise longue next to the bed and a small wardrobe decorated with fountains.


In this room the walls are a deep yellow in colour and the postion of the room makes it particularly warm and welcoming. There are wooden beams, an antique wardrobe and furnishings which all help to give this room a rustic feel. But the room takes its name from the very old and unusual painting on the wall as you come in.


This room takes its name from the swallows which come every spring and nest under the roofs in Bagno Vignoni, it’s wonderful to watch them swooping through the sky! The room is next to the breakfast room and it’s also suitable for guests with young children. The bathroom has a double shower and looks out over an enclosed garden. It is the closest room to the historical thermal pool and in winter the vapours which rise from it make the atmosphere particularly romantic.


One of the largest and brightest rooms, it has two windows in the bedroom and two windows in the bathroom too; there are three steps in the bathroom.

The walls are a pale yellow and there is a collection of framed fashion sketches on one of them. The windows overlook the garden and the evening light streams in.


The “Sogno” room will enchant you with its canopy bed, shrouded in a soft bed net to protect your dreams. The afternoon warm light is emphasized by the walls’ pink colour; old fashinated hats characterized this space, which overlooks a quiet little square with pit.


This room is the most ‘intimate’ of all with walls the palest shade of lilac. The light is stunning here in the afternoon when the colours of the sunset stream in and play on the walls. There is an iron bedstead with heart shapes and ceramics from Pienza hang on the wall next to the door making it particularly cute. There are three steps in the bathroom and it is the only bathroom which has only a shower, toilet and washbasin.